Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Santa Situation

I've been dreading the "conversation" for a couple of years now. Luckily my boys are still young enough that I'm not talking about the s.e.x. convo, but the s.a.n.t.a. one.

Last year we managed to hold Alek off with the brilliant comeback of, "Santa only brings gifts to those who believe. So we'll leave that decision up to you."

I've felt bad about that flippant response ever since. Why can't we be the types of parents that have their act together and have rehearsed these types of question and answer sessions well ahead of time? And why haven't I been able to come up with a better answer for my maturing boy in the last year???

Today I found out the reason why. I think that I had been waiting for this woman to figure it out for me. Hey, I'm not too proud to appreciate (and borrow) someone else's brilliance and eloquence. You have to check out the beautiful letter that she wrote to her daughter about the existence of Santa.

Yep. I cried. I don't even want to deny it because the letter is that good.

Go to Cozi and read Martha Brockenbrough's letter, The Truth About Santa.