Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Family Vacation

In the spring the grandparents put forth a desire to take Alek and their granddaughter to Drumheller in the summer for a little vacation. The idea sounded great, and me being me, I invited the rest of us along too! We've always wanted to take the boys there, but honestly, couldn't face the trip when the little boys were younger. With Alek going on 12, our opportunity for full-family enjoyment was slipping away and we're glad that they graciously accepted our self-imposed invitation to tag along.

We got up nice and early and caravanned our way across Saskatchewan and part of Alberta to Drumheller. We stopped for a nice picnic lunch, stretched our legs, re-charged the air-conditioning in the van (ugh!), and kept on trucking. 

It was so much fun to watch Mikah and Lukas when we finally made our way down into Drumheller and they saw the dinosaur statues placed throughout the town. The noise in the van alternated between absolute silence and shouts of "there's another one! I see another dinosaur!" 

We checked into the hotel, some of us hit up the pool, some of us relaxed, and some of us (Lukas and I) couldn't sit still and had to go and check out the huge T-Rex in the centre of town. When we initially drove past the huge landmark I mentioned that people could climb it and Mikah said that there was no way he would be doing that! Lukas was determined to climb it and show Mikah that it wasn't so scary and that he would be able to do it too.

The best part came when Lukas realized that there were stairs! He was pretty sure that this would make Mikah feel better too. Maybe they thought they would have to climb up Fred Flintstone style; funny little boys. He wasn't too keen on hanging around once he made it to the mouth though. 
After supper we took the whole family back so that everyone could give it a go. 

Day 1 complete. Stay tuned for Day 2...

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Tuesday Tunes

I'm not sure how I've missed Ian Britt until now...