Saturday, August 2, 2014

In the Summertime

The Mr. discovered the video to this iconic song a few days ago and has been captivated by it. Every time he watches it he finds new things to laugh about. He was just telling us all of the things that he likes about it: their hair; the guy playing the jug; how stoned they are; how they laugh themselves in the video; how old it is; etc, etc…
He was busy telling us all this and Lukas interrupts him and says "daddy, I know the real reason you like this song is because you have women on your mind."

Bwahahaha!!! Well played Lukas, well played!

Give the video a go and see what you find entertaining/enjoyable about it. It just occurred to me that this song is a great way to kick off my 3 weeks of holidays. I think I'm going to have a drink,  and take a drive with the boys out to the lake to see what I can find. (kidding about the drinking part)

Happy summer everyone!!!