Saturday, August 2, 2014

In the Summertime

The Mr. discovered the video to this iconic song a few days ago and has been captivated by it. Every time he watches it he finds new things to laugh about. He was just telling us all of the things that he likes about it: their hair; the guy playing the jug; how stoned they are; how they laugh themselves in the video; how old it is; etc, etc…
He was busy telling us all this and Lukas interrupts him and says "daddy, I know the real reason you like this song is because you have women on your mind."

Bwahahaha!!! Well played Lukas, well played!

Give the video a go and see what you find entertaining/enjoyable about it. It just occurred to me that this song is a great way to kick off my 3 weeks of holidays. I think I'm going to have a drink,  and take a drive with the boys out to the lake to see what I can find. (kidding about the drinking part)

Happy summer everyone!!!

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Overheard From the Back of the Van

Mikah:     Mom, guess what we learned today at the museum? I know the name of the first Prime Minister of 
               Canada. It's Steven Franklin.
Me:         Well… the first Prime Minister was actually John A. Macdonald. 
Mikah:    Oh, that's right! I knew it was something like Macdonald. Oh, and that guy was named after a famous 
Lukas:     It was KFC! Bwahahaha!!!!
Mikah (completely ignoring his brother who was laughing so hard at his own joke I thought he might pee himself )   
               And he liked to keep (whispers here) illegal alcohol in his desk drawer!

Ah yes, sounds like it was a successful field trip full of knowledge building.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

While the Boys Were Playing...

Tonight while I was cooking supper I heard this from the boys who were playing lego…

Lukas:   Mikah, check this out! This man lego looks just like Stephen Harper and this girl lego looks just like 
             Michael Jackson! I can't believe we've never noticed that before!

Friday, June 13, 2014

Overheard From the Back of the Van

Mikah:  When I grow up I want a Smart Car. And I want to live alone...
definitely alone. In a tiny mobile home.

~That's right Mikah, aim high.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Kindergarten Graduation Day!

Today was the day of the Lukas' Kindergarten Graduation and Tea. The kids were all super cute in their costumes and the program they put on was adorable (but what kindergarten program isn't?). I won't blither blather; I'll just get right to the pictures...

A group shot of his class.

Our little Knight sure was happy when he spotted us in the audience.

There's the boy we know and love; always chatting up the ladies...

Enjoying the feast (AKA Tea with the parents) after the concert. Being on display can sure work up a guy's appetite.

Receiving his Graduation Certificate. Looking proud (he he).

Of course, he looks a little happier to be with his teacher.

Well done Lukas! We love you and we're really looking forward to watching you grow and being there with you on your journey.  ~Mom & Dad

P.S. Please be kind to us; you're our last and we'll be tired. Hopefully your brothers won't ruin too many opportunities for you.   ;;)

Friday, June 6, 2014

Krazy Kids

My little Lukas is getting ready to graduate from Kindergarten at the end of the month! Where does the time go?

Isn't he cute??? Don't mind the crappy iPhone picture that I took from the one hanging on the fridge.  

For a celebration his teacher has planned an afternoon Tea before the end of June. The school that he goes to is named after a castle in Scotland, and so she thought it would be fun if the kids came dressed up as knights, kings, princesses, dragons, etc. They will have a program and we will have 'high tea.' Lukas and I both thought it was a fun idea and he's pretty excited! Lucky for me my boys love to play dress-up and about the only costume that we don't have is a princess one.

Lukas brought a note home that had to be filled out and returned to school. His teacher wanted to know what the child will be dressing up as, how many people will be coming with the child, and could we please bring a snack and if so, what snack will we be bringing. Our conversation went like this…

Lukas:  Here's the note from my teacher. We HAVE to fill it out and get it back to her like, tomorrow!
Mom:  Ok, let me read it to you and we'll fill it out. Hmm, what do you want to dress up as? 
Lukas:  A knight. 
Mom:   I thought you would want to wear your King costume.
Lukas:  (insert an exasperated grimace here)  Obviously I would want to be a knight. HELLO?… 
          a sword.
Mom:  Well OBVIOUSLY you won't be allowed to take a sword. 
Lukas:   Fine then. A gun.
Mom:   Knights OBVIOUSLY didn't have guns.
Lukas:   Harumpf. Will you just quit saying obviously already! I'll just be a boring knight then.
Mom:   Alrighty. I'll write down 'boring knight' then.  Do you want to invite anyone? 
Lukas:   Just you, and dad, and Mikah, and all the kids in my class, and Aunty Heather.
Mom:   (I wrote down three people. I figured the other kids would just show up)   Ok, what about a 
          snack? What should we bring for the lunch for people to eat?
Lukas:   Bacon.
Mom:   What? What do you want to bring?  (I was pretty sure that I hadn't heard him right)
Lukas:   Bacon. Just a big plate of bacon. That's what I'm going to bring. Write that down.

And he skipped off; it was settled. I laughed for the rest of the day. Can you imagine? Showing up at a potluck with a plate of bacon? Actually, it would probably be the most popular item there - I have to give this some more thought…

Flash forward to tonight…

I was in the kitchen finishing up some carrot cupcakes for a wedding reception tomorrow and as Lukas was tearing past, I grabbed him and asked him if I should just make some extra for his Kindergarten Tea. He looked at me as if I was the stupidest person in the world and said,

"Hello… I said that I was bringing bacon. What? Did you forget???"

Oh, I should add that Lukas does sarcastic and curmudgeonly really well. As in REALLY well. I'm just happy to know that at least one of my kids got something from me after all. But it makes it damn hard not to laugh. Who am I kidding; I usually just laugh. Parent of the year and all that - blah blah blah.

But now I'm struggling because I kind of want to take a plate of bacon just because I think it would be funny as hell. Do you think that bacon would be a "healthy food approved snack?"

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Saturday's Sighting

While walking through the living room this morning, I caught Lukas who was all set up playing for the cat.

And practicing for his future as a  Busker! And he comes cheap; 20 cents will buy you a song.
Other kids with their boring lemonade stands have nothing on my kid!

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Overheard From the Back of the Van

Lukas:  Mom, how old are you?
Me:  I'm 38.
Lukas:  Wow! That's really close to 40!
Me:  Yep.


Lukas:  How old is dad?
Me:  40
(Lukas starts laughing hysterically)
Me:  What are you laughing about?
Lukas:  Well, I said that you are almost 40, and dad actually is 40! That's so funny! (more laughing coming from behind me)

Me:  (just because I couldn't help myself even though I knew the answer could be bad)   So... who did you think was older?
Lukas:  Dad. I knowed he was older.
Me:  How did you know that for sure?
Lukas:  Because he's bigger than you. Duh!

You really have to love 5 year old logic!

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Newsflash - Mikah Turns 7!!!

Breaking News... the Super Heroes were out in full force today in order to help Batman (Mikah) celebrate his 7th birthday.

Capes and masks were required. These super heroes thumb their noses at 'ordinary citizens' when they all get together...

Batman, AKA the birthday boy, was the first to fly to the scene of the top secret partay...

Captain America was next to make an appearance.

Spiderman swung over the city in order to get down with his friends...

The Hulk made his presence known...

Wolverine knew that the party wouldn't be able to start without him...

And just what do Super Heroes do when they get together? First, they compete. They are always striving to be the best they can be.  They practiced leaping over tall buildings; having races to show off their "super speed"; they showcased their "power punching abilities"; and they practiced ducking and dodging fast incoming projectiles! But we can't forget that there is also a softer side to Super Heroes - they even took it upon themselves to help a dottery old lady (played by the birthday boy's dad) get across the street safely. And I think that was the hardest test of all; that old biddy sure had a mind of her own!

All of that hard work sure gave the Super Heroes a super-sized appetite. Being so super all the time uses up a lot of energy don't you know.

When their bellies were super-full and bursting, they showered Batman with some super-awesome birthday presents.

These sure are some super-friends that Batman has!

And just like that, the party was over and our Super Heroes bid one another adieu as they took again to the skies.