Sunday, July 19, 2009

Cupcake Crazy

Oh, the things that I willingly get myself into LOL! My cousin is getting married August 1st, and I offered to make the cake for them. It sounded like fun because they want cupcakes instead of a traditional tier, and I was up for trying something new. Cupcakes sounded so much easier than my usual fondant covered tier cakes. And it has been, but what a lot of baking! My oven sure got a workout this weekend. Hmm, I think it deserves a few nights off. ~hint hint~

I baked 8 dozen Extreme Chocolate cupcakes on Friday and 9 dozen Carrot Cake muffins today, along with a 8" Carrot cake layer cake for the happy couple to cut into. I'm so glad that all the baking is finished!

I'm hot and tired, but it sure smells good in here!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

A Look Inside My Head

Just the other night I finally realized that I spend an awful lot of time fantasizing about one particular thing. The fantasy never changes, and it can occupy me for hours. Before you get too excited, it's not that kind of fantasy. I fantasize about moving way up north and stockpiling groceries. I've done it now, I've just admitted how crazy I am.

I like to think about what I would take; what we couldn't live without; how much we would take; and about dropping a ridiculous amount of money on groceries and how long I would be able to make them last; and how organized my pantry would have to be. Can you say, OCD??? I seriously think about this all the time.

It just occurred to me that I've been thinking about this for much longer than a few years. I think it goes all the way back to the movie, Mountain Family Robinson. I loved that show, and even then I was interested in what they took for food staples.

I have more issues than I first thought.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Rain Rain Go Away

Yes, I usually love the rain this much; hence Lukas' middle name. But come on now, this is getting ridiculous! This is Saskatchewan, we are supposed to have low's of -40 in the winter and highs of 35 in the summer. Ok, I really don't want that much heat, but some sun would sure be nice for a change.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Someone Slap Me

After just posting about how exhausted I am, can you believe that I am posting this picture...

Isn't this little bunny sweet? Don't you want one? I do! I've been trying to figure out the logistics for building a hutch and wondering where/how we would keep the rabbit.
I've been giving this a lot of thought.
It's scaring me.

Back At It

This about sums up how I am feeling at the moment.
I've been hard at it for the last week preparing and teaching the summer session. Lord, did I ever forget just how tiring it is to teach little kids all day! You constantly have to be "on" and an entertainer/educator extraordinaire! Seriously, it's been about all I can manage to drive home at the end of the day! Hopefully it will all get better once the kids and I settle into our schedules.
My family had a great time at the lake though, the kids all loved the boat and my dad even let me lay in the sun for awhile while he ran herd on the kids as we drifted around the lake. It was heavenly! Alek had such a good time that he's still there. He doesn't write, he doesn't call... I wonder if he will just show up one day?
Lukas and Mikah are... energetic and inquisitive. Does that sound positive??? They are both adorable and love learning new things everyday. For example, today Mikah learned what happens when you open your sippy cup and dump the entire contents all over the satellite receiver and the DVD player. Bye, bye Treehouse and bye, bye Bob. Oh, the joys! Lukas has figured out how to spin. I love the look of sheer joy on his face, but why does he insist on spinning right next to the corner of the wall, the table, and the entertainment stand???
Which brings me to my thought for the day; no matter how tired you are as a mommy, the world keeps on spinning and you have to do your best to not lose your balance.
Wish me luck with that one!