Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Hurry up Friday!

Lev and I are going away sans kids this weekend. We are spending two nights in a hotel at the local National park thanks to his mom and step-dad. The gift was supposedly for our 10 year anniversary but I know it was really so that they could have all 3 of their grand kids for the weekend without us. Crazy crazy grandparents! Lucky for them that Lukas has decided to sleep through the night again. I have the feeling that we better enjoy it because the offer might not come around again for quite some time.

We can't wait to get away and have some quiet time. Just to sleep in will be bliss.

Hurry and get here Friday!

Alek also wants Friday to hurry because his glasses should be in that day. Hm, another good reason that I want Friday to hurry and get here. If I have to listen to him whine about how unfair it is that he couldn't get his glasses immediately I might lose it. Hurry, hurry Friday.

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