Sunday, October 25, 2009

Nothing Like Monetary Incentives

Alek has a hard time getting along with Mikah. Not all the time, only 80% of the time or so. He torments him and it drives. us. crazy. Not only the tormenting, but the screaming that ensues. Please refer to this post.

We've tried all kinds of things to get Alek to stop, or at least curb it to a manageable and normal-for-brothers level but nothing seems to work. So, realizing that nothing talks to our son quite like money does, we've decided to implement a good-behaviour jar. Up to this point (and he turned 9 yesterday) Alek has never gotten an allowance but we've been thinking that it's time. So, here's what we're going to do... At the start of each month $20 in quaters are going to go into a jar, but each time that we have to get after him about purposefully driving his brother crazy a quarter is going to come out. Whatever is left at the end of the month is his. Eventually we will start putting quarters back in when we notice nice things that he does. Not right away though, first he has to work on cutting out the wrong behaviour. Cross your fingers that this will help re-inforce the positive behaviour that we know he is capable of.

When I explained this plan to Alek tonight he had this to say: "So what you're saying is, I had better get it all out of my system before the end of the month."   ~sigh~

I sigh because he's partially kidding and partially not.


Glenys said...

great idea. you might need to break it down into a weekly plan, always nice to see immediate results from a kids point of view!

Anonymous said...

Good one! You're right, nothing calls to him quite like money!

Anonymous said...

Let me know how it works! Sounds like you were describing the two boys at my house. Actually, it also sounds like the two boys I grew up with.