Monday, March 19, 2012

Happy Birthday Lukas


Today you, my last baby, turned four years old! Where, oh where did the time go? I think I'm feeling a bit melancholy about this birthday because I know what big changes happen between years 4 and 5. At three, you were still a toddler, true the outer edge of toddlerhood, but your poor mama could grasp onto that whenever I needed to feel that you weren't growing up so fast. But, I know that you are itching to keep up to your brothers and so I must let you go.

You have been so excited about this birthday and you have been counting down since January 2nd. For the last week you have been telling everyone you meet that, "it's soon going to be my birthday and I'm goin to be four!" You even picked out the cake that you wanted me to bake for you. I'm glad that it was the first thing on your mind this morning, and that my version of your vision measured up. You wanted cake for breakfast, cake for a school snack, and cake for supper. And upon reflection, it probably wouldn't have killed me to grant your wish this one time.

I'm glad that you had a great day and that your presents and little family party were such a big hit. I'm looking forward, with slight trepidation, to see what you will build with your tools in the following year. I'm also nervously excited for your dare-devil antics on your new 2 wheel bike. Hmm... I think I had better stock up on superhero bandaids next time I'm at Costco...

Love you little man.


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