Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Overheard From the Back of the Van

Lukas:  Mom, how old are you?
Me:  I'm 38.
Lukas:  Wow! That's really close to 40!
Me:  Yep.


Lukas:  How old is dad?
Me:  40
(Lukas starts laughing hysterically)
Me:  What are you laughing about?
Lukas:  Well, I said that you are almost 40, and dad actually is 40! That's so funny! (more laughing coming from behind me)

Me:  (just because I couldn't help myself even though I knew the answer could be bad)   So... who did you think was older?
Lukas:  Dad. I knowed he was older.
Me:  How did you know that for sure?
Lukas:  Because he's bigger than you. Duh!

You really have to love 5 year old logic!

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Patty Serwotki said...

Such a smarty! Give him a kiss for me, please!