Friday, June 6, 2014

Krazy Kids

My little Lukas is getting ready to graduate from Kindergarten at the end of the month! Where does the time go?

Isn't he cute??? Don't mind the crappy iPhone picture that I took from the one hanging on the fridge.  

For a celebration his teacher has planned an afternoon Tea before the end of June. The school that he goes to is named after a castle in Scotland, and so she thought it would be fun if the kids came dressed up as knights, kings, princesses, dragons, etc. They will have a program and we will have 'high tea.' Lukas and I both thought it was a fun idea and he's pretty excited! Lucky for me my boys love to play dress-up and about the only costume that we don't have is a princess one.

Lukas brought a note home that had to be filled out and returned to school. His teacher wanted to know what the child will be dressing up as, how many people will be coming with the child, and could we please bring a snack and if so, what snack will we be bringing. Our conversation went like this…

Lukas:  Here's the note from my teacher. We HAVE to fill it out and get it back to her like, tomorrow!
Mom:  Ok, let me read it to you and we'll fill it out. Hmm, what do you want to dress up as? 
Lukas:  A knight. 
Mom:   I thought you would want to wear your King costume.
Lukas:  (insert an exasperated grimace here)  Obviously I would want to be a knight. HELLO?… 
          a sword.
Mom:  Well OBVIOUSLY you won't be allowed to take a sword. 
Lukas:   Fine then. A gun.
Mom:   Knights OBVIOUSLY didn't have guns.
Lukas:   Harumpf. Will you just quit saying obviously already! I'll just be a boring knight then.
Mom:   Alrighty. I'll write down 'boring knight' then.  Do you want to invite anyone? 
Lukas:   Just you, and dad, and Mikah, and all the kids in my class, and Aunty Heather.
Mom:   (I wrote down three people. I figured the other kids would just show up)   Ok, what about a 
          snack? What should we bring for the lunch for people to eat?
Lukas:   Bacon.
Mom:   What? What do you want to bring?  (I was pretty sure that I hadn't heard him right)
Lukas:   Bacon. Just a big plate of bacon. That's what I'm going to bring. Write that down.

And he skipped off; it was settled. I laughed for the rest of the day. Can you imagine? Showing up at a potluck with a plate of bacon? Actually, it would probably be the most popular item there - I have to give this some more thought…

Flash forward to tonight…

I was in the kitchen finishing up some carrot cupcakes for a wedding reception tomorrow and as Lukas was tearing past, I grabbed him and asked him if I should just make some extra for his Kindergarten Tea. He looked at me as if I was the stupidest person in the world and said,

"Hello… I said that I was bringing bacon. What? Did you forget???"

Oh, I should add that Lukas does sarcastic and curmudgeonly really well. As in REALLY well. I'm just happy to know that at least one of my kids got something from me after all. But it makes it damn hard not to laugh. Who am I kidding; I usually just laugh. Parent of the year and all that - blah blah blah.

But now I'm struggling because I kind of want to take a plate of bacon just because I think it would be funny as hell. Do you think that bacon would be a "healthy food approved snack?"

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