Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Boys Stats

Today everyone in the family had a doctors appointment. I think I'm going to do it this way from now on. With 5 appointments all at once they sure book you a huge chunk of time. The doctor and I even had time to shut the door after my family departed from the room and visit for a bit. It was nice not be rushed in and then rushed out.

Here are the highlights as I remember them

Alek (8 years) - everything is fine; he's tall and skinny weighing in at 64 lbs.

Mikah (2 year check) - he's great; learning about 3 or 4 new words a day finally; 34 lbs; no height because he wouldn't even get on the scale by himself. I had to humiliate myself by climbing on it with him. I could have lived without seeing what my weight is. (keep doing pilates, keep doing pilates, keep doing pilates...)

Lukas (9 month check) - average weight (21 lbs); above average height (28"); average head circumference (which, if you remember the size of Alek's head as a baby you'll know how relieved we are LOL); everything else is right on track.

All in all, the boys are healthy and developing at the right pace.

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