Monday, January 12, 2009

Define your Scent

There is a new business in town that custom mixes scents for you. My question is, how on earth do you choose? How do you define yourself in order to get that perfect blend. Do you use character traits (honest, fun, trustworthy, selfish), do you use lifestyle (single, mother, partier, librarian, dancer), habits (smoker, compulsive eater, sings in the shower, loves to vacuum). I'm not sure why this question is weighing so heavily on my mind lately, it's not like I'm about to rush out and get a custom mixed scent. I don't even wear perfume.

Still, I think I would use color descriptors to define myself.

The darkest blue of the deepest part of the ocean;
The hottest red of burning log embers;
The lightest green from the underside of a dewy leaf.

How would you define yourself???

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