Thursday, June 11, 2009

Vroom Vroom

Mikah's favorite activity is driving the van. I often let him sit up there and pretend to cruise the streets to his hearts content while I am busy carrying groceries or children into the house. He is beyond thrilled when you jump in the passenger seat and let him play chauffeur for a change. The other day he was driving and I was enjoying a relaxing ride. But he's no dummy. "Key." He wanted me to put the key in so he could start the van. But, I'm no dummy either.

So he thought and reassessed the situation. Hmm, if a key wouldn't be going in the slot... bingo! "Loonie! Loonie pease!" Yep, it must be a loonie that makes the car go, just like the ones at the mall.

Smart boy, but I'm hoping that I never find any money shoved in the ignition. Then the whole thing might not be so hilarious.

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