Sunday, July 19, 2009

Cupcake Crazy

Oh, the things that I willingly get myself into LOL! My cousin is getting married August 1st, and I offered to make the cake for them. It sounded like fun because they want cupcakes instead of a traditional tier, and I was up for trying something new. Cupcakes sounded so much easier than my usual fondant covered tier cakes. And it has been, but what a lot of baking! My oven sure got a workout this weekend. Hmm, I think it deserves a few nights off. ~hint hint~

I baked 8 dozen Extreme Chocolate cupcakes on Friday and 9 dozen Carrot Cake muffins today, along with a 8" Carrot cake layer cake for the happy couple to cut into. I'm so glad that all the baking is finished!

I'm hot and tired, but it sure smells good in here!

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