Thursday, July 22, 2010

Murphy Was Definately Not a Mother!

I know all about Murphy's Law, but I'm  wondering if there is such a thing out there that just applies to the laws of mothering. A Mother's Law if you will. Maybe I should start one...

Mother's Law
  1. When you are busy rushing around trying to get way too many things done in way too little time, one or more of your children will sabotage you. Yes, sabotage you. The most common form is the "innocent sabotage." Someone will need an emergency trip to the doctor; a mess of unimaginable proportions will be made; someone will get an earache; the list goes on. You know what I'm talking about. Quit while you're ahead. Seriously.

I just took a job making 300 dainties for a wedding this Saturday. They are being picked up tomorrow and I started today. I've been busy rushing about the kitchen in a well ordered chaos. My plan was perfect and it's all about timing. Nothing should go wrong. This should be easy. Bake one pan and prepare another batch while the first one is in the oven. Repeat this process about 10 times. My plan was being executed perfectly and I even had time to sit down and grab a quick bite of supper with my little guys. We are finishing about 2 minutes before the timer goes off when I hear the sound of running water. Wait a minute, running water falling onto the floor. What the??? It sounds close. Really close. Like sitting across the table close. I glance down at the floor and see that my would-be-potty-trainer is in the process of emptying his King Kong sized bladder all over his chair! Ding Ding  that would be my oven timer!  Shit, shit, shit!!! If only mom's could freeze time. I would have been able to at least save the pile of books that I had placed on the floor. But no. I had squares to save and a lake of pee to clean. Then I had to wash the floor, wash the chair, wash Mikah and wash myself. And as I'm wont to do when the going gets tough, take a few minutes to blog about it. My timing is off and my schedule is down the crapper.

Speaking of crappers, just as I'm about to get back to work Lukas decides to make me a present.  Sweet.

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Mommy Spirit said...

I'm a new follower from Friendly Friday Follow. I love this post...I know exactly what you mean about timing. My little boy (almost two) makes me perpetually late for everything, mostly because he decides to poop just when I'm ready to go out the door. (I still secretly think he plans it this way...) I look forward to following your adventure. Can't wait to read more!