Monday, July 19, 2010

Potty Training Setback

Mikah has been doing really well at the "going on the potty" business. His grandpa took him for a little over a week about a month ago and they worked hard at getting the consistency down. I find it's really hard to be consistent when we both work and the kids are at a babysitters for the day. Anyway, in the last month he has had maybe a handful of accidents. Pretty darn good!

Then there was yesterday.

Yes, Mikah peed in the potty.
He also peed on the couch. Twice.
At the bottom of the stairs. Once.
In his shorts. Well, everytime.
In an empty box on the living room floor. Once.
On a big weed outside. Twice.

My poor carpet cleaner got a workout. The funny thing was that since Mikah's been in-training, lukas has decided that he should be too. Lukas is also our resident streaker so I naturally assumed that all of the potty accidents were due to his diaperless bum. But no, his bare bum was dry and Mikah's clothed one was always wet.

Poor, poor Mikah. Hopefully today will be better.

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