Sunday, July 22, 2012

Bumper Boats

Alek and his friends have been enjoying the heck out of the pool this summer, so I'm glad that we decided to put it up after all. Mikah has been slow to warm up to swimming, and Lukas has been almost impossible to get into the pool. I guess our next door neighbour noticed, and he brought over a present for the little boys today. He thought these motorized water-gun boats might entice them to get in the pool.

And boy did they! Check out these happy little faces. I think they spent about an hour cruising the water. And wow, do my boys have good aim. I was starting to tell Mikah not to squirt me because I was going to be taking some pictures, and the little fart squirted me right in the mouth! Yuck! Salt water does not taste the greatest.

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