Thursday, July 12, 2012

Pre-School Grad 2012

Mikah and Lukas had their last day of pre-school on June 26th. The teachers they had this year were awesome! I'm amazed at all of the outings they planned and all of the learning that went on in the classroom. Both of my boys are able to print their first and last name, and copy most other letters. Lukas also learned how to write Lloyd (wonder why LOL), and Lev. The boys sang quite a few songs to us, and really like to do interpretive dances to the songs that they practiced at school. Unfortunately, neither of my boys would have received a participation award because they sure don't like to show that they are enjoying school at all when they are there. Ugh. I literally had to show their teachers pictures of them smiling and videos of them singing the songs at home just so that they would know that the boys could do those things. We had many laughs over the year about the ridiculousness of Mikah and Lukas :)

The boys did tend to loosen up over the year though (somewhat, and sometimes unfortunately); and we're really looking forward to seeing how much they grow next year when they are finally separated for part of every day. Who knows, a participation award might even be in their futures!

Here are some pictures of their first and last days of Pre-School...

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