Thursday, September 6, 2012

Meanest Teacher

This morning was Mikah's first day of Kindergarten and Lukas' first day of pre-school.

Lukas was returning for his second year, so he happily marched into the classroom, put his stuff in his old locker (stubbornly ignoring the fact that his locker space had moved over the summer), refused to acknowledge either of his teachers (except with a slight smirk - that boy loves to make the women work for his attention), and commenced playing. Oh, then he looked at me and said, "you can pick me up later mom but I'm only a little bit excited to be here." Okey-dokey Lukas...  His teachers find him hilarious, me, not so much.

Mikah was actually very excited about Kindergarten, not that anyone would have been able to tell that by looking at his expressionless face. However, we marched into the room, found his name at one of the tables, put his supplies down, and sat right down and got to work showing his new teacher how he can write his name. He wondered when I was leaving, when I would be back, and if he would get to eat lunch at school this year. Soon; 2:40; and yes. He was busy working when I slipped out of the classroom. I'm hoping that by the end of today he'll be able to make eye-contact with his teacher (at least once), and verbally respond (at least some of the time) when they ask him a question. I know, I might be hoping for a miracle...

As I was leaving Mikah's classroom his teacher slipped me an envelope and said that she hoped I would have a nice day. I figured the envelope contained kindergarten information, but no, when I opened it in the van I found this letter tucked inside.

Wow. After successfully leaving the house, arriving at school, and exiting the classroom with dry eyes; Mikah's teacher made me cry all the way home. What a big-fat-meanie-head.

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