Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Heloise Helps Us Out

While browsing through a local thrift shop last night I came across this delightful gem of a book. I had a premonition that it would be enjoyable, and my was I right! I have to admit that while I find much of the book hilarious, my dear Heloise has managed to give me an idea or two... especially in the child-rearing section.

This book is so amazing that I simply have to share parts of it with you.

All right ladies, pour yourselves a nice glass of sweet tea, kick off your heels and sit for a spell while I share with you some of, as I like to call them, Heloise's pearls of wisdom.

Pearl Number One
"So, relieve your mind of a lot of its frustrations by simply accepting the fact that you are a woman. Next, make yourself believe that you do the best you can. Probably you do! Tranquilizers are expensive... so are doctor's bills. Instead of worrying yourself into a state of jitters over keeping a "perfect" house, let this book show you how to make it easier for yourself."

Did anyone else read the quote in Betty Draper's voice? I was reading Heloise's nuggets to my husband tonight using my best dramatical interpretation of a 1960's housewife, and I think he would have laughed more if it hadn't made him so uncomfortable. He said that he was uncomfortable because it made him think back to the good old days when men were kings. I'd like to think he's a tad more evolved than that. ~Just joking darling!

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Anonymous said...

I was joking of course :D

(please don't tie my toothbrush to the wall...)