Monday, June 10, 2013

Overheard From the Back of the Van

Mikah decide that we should bake cupcakes on the weekend. I figured, hey, I might as well bake some fancy cupcakes for my own kids for once. We hopped into the car because of course, I was out of cream cheese, sugar and eggs. As we are driving to the store I hear the question that I've been dreading...

Lukas:   Mom, how are babies made?

~I start to freak out but try to maintain an outwardly calm appearance~

Mikah:   It's ok Mom. You can tell him because I already know how they are made.
Me:       Oh, really? And just how is that?  (I felt confident asking this because Mikah will always pretend that he 
            knows the answer, and will never admit defeat.)
Lukas:   How are they made?
Mikah:  Well, they are made with extra sugar. You need to have the extra sugar.

~I'm trying not to laugh because, well, he's partially right.~

Me:      Um, that's not really how they are made.
Mikah:  (laughing a bit self-consiously, but still not admitting defeat)  Of course I know that. I was just kidding.

~At this point Lukas starts to cry~

Me:       Why on earth are you crying?
Lukas:   (wailing)  Because everyone knows how babies are made except for me!!!
Me:      And the guy sitting next to you. He doesn't know either. (I laugh and the wailing increases.)

There are definitely times that I wish I was raising my kids on a farm. That way they would learn about the facts of life the same way we did... by observation not conversation. It's so much easier on the parents that way.

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