Thursday, June 6, 2013

Overheard From the Back of the Van

Ah, the drive home at the end of the day is often amusing. The Mr. had this story to share with me when I got home after work tonight.

Mikah:     Dad, what's for supper when we get home?
The Mr:    I'm not sure yet. What do you think we should have?
Lukas:     Spaghetti  (Big surprise there)
The Mr:   Of course that's what you want. 
Mikah:    Can we watch a show when we are eating supper?
The Mr:   I suppose so. It depends on how good you are while I'm cooking.
Lukas:    (whining) Well, what show are we going to pick? Mikah ALWAYS gets to pick the show!
The Mr:   Tell you what, who ever does the most cleaning in the living room while I'm making supper will get to pick 
              the show.

~A few minutes of back and forth arguing happens about which one of them is going to succeed at doing the most cleaning. This is then followed by a minute of silence~

Lukas:     (asks slyly) Mikah, what show would you pick?
The Mr:    Mikah, don't answer that!!!
Mikah:     Futurama
Lukas:     Yeah, we can watch Futurama. That's ok; you can do all the cleaning.

Lukas is too darn smart for his britches. He's only 5 and he's a;ready caught on to most of our tricks.

~And yes, sometimes we let them watch Futurama. We fool ourselves into believing that they don't understand most of what is happening on the show, in order to gain a few minutes of silence for ourselves. Yep, I bet you're thinking that you wish you had thought of it too.~

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