Thursday, June 12, 2014

Kindergarten Graduation Day!

Today was the day of the Lukas' Kindergarten Graduation and Tea. The kids were all super cute in their costumes and the program they put on was adorable (but what kindergarten program isn't?). I won't blither blather; I'll just get right to the pictures...

A group shot of his class.

Our little Knight sure was happy when he spotted us in the audience.

There's the boy we know and love; always chatting up the ladies...

Enjoying the feast (AKA Tea with the parents) after the concert. Being on display can sure work up a guy's appetite.

Receiving his Graduation Certificate. Looking proud (he he).

Of course, he looks a little happier to be with his teacher.

Well done Lukas! We love you and we're really looking forward to watching you grow and being there with you on your journey.  ~Mom & Dad

P.S. Please be kind to us; you're our last and we'll be tired. Hopefully your brothers won't ruin too many opportunities for you.   ;;)

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Patty Serwotki said...

Congratulations Lukas! Harry and I are very proud of you! You look wonderful in your costume! This is so exciting that you will be in grade 1 next year! Love you! Auntie Patty and Uncle Harry.