Tuesday, June 24, 2008


It has finally occured to me that Alek is done school for the summer. Tomorrow.

What are we going to do then??? As sad as it seems it gave some structure to my day when I had to get the 3 boys up, chase Alek around, get them loaded in the van, drop Alek off at school and then deal with two little ones until it was time to go and pick Alek up. Now the days are stretching before me like a gaping hole. Oh my god.

I want to have a good summer with the kids before I go back to work in September but so far I have no idea how to accomplish that. Maybe it's just freaking me out because I I've forgotten what to do with an 18 month old. Alek is perfectly happy to entertain himself (except for when he's "bored, bored, bored") but Mikah needs constant monitoring and redirection. It's hard to think of engaging and cheap activities to do that would appeal to both an almost-8-year old and an 18 month old. Lukas has no opinion yet : )

I have to get the two boys into swimming lessons but even that is turning out to be a logistical nightmare. I would like to get Alek and Mikah into lessons that happen at the same time, but then what do I do with Lukas? That means that I have to wait until Lev is done work and Mikah will be in cranky-monster mode. Argh.

We should be spending a lot of time in the backyard but it isn't set up to keep Mikah entertained for long. Honestly, I just don't want to chase after him all day long. Been there. Done that. I love to play with him but I really want these two to learn how to play by themselves too. Mommy really appreciates having some down time too. This is why I need to get started on that list; some type of structure helps me stay sane. Sort of.

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