Sunday, June 22, 2008

Just the Kick I Needed

Goods for Girls

Now here is a cause that will motivate me. A few months ago I started thinking about sewing some cloth menstrual pads; and I've been thinking about it ever since. Okay, okay, I even went out and bought all of the material and it's been sitting washed and ready downstairs where I glance at it every time that I do laundry (about 10 times a day). I thought/think the idea of cloth pads is a great one, it's one more way to cut down on the chemicals that we use next to our bodies, help save the planet, and help save money. And I'm all about saving money LOL!

I stumbled across this organization while I was blog stalking tonight and now I have one more reason to actually get those pads sewn! It's funny because this afternoon I decided that I need to make a list of the things that I hope to accomplish this summer and sewing pads was one of the things on the list. Now it's become even more important to do. So far the only motivators have been because I wanted some for myself, and because the idea grosses my mom out LOL. I do think that I'll need a serger though (Becky can I borrow yours : ) to get them sewn quicker.

Yep, I'm sure that it's the lack of serger that's been holding me back...

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Well, all the power to you!!!