Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Overheard From the Back of the Van

Alek and his friend Steven ambushed me when I picked Alek up from school today. Steven was coming to play and it was already Ok with his dad. Alrighty then boys, hop in the van.

As we were driving to pick up the other two from the babysitters, I could hear bits and pieces from the conversation that was happening in the backseat. It started as a fun discussion about comic clubs and video game clubs at school that was escalating into indignant 9 year-old voice tones. Of course, my child was getting carried away with himself and his version of reality. Steven was accusing him of lying and Alek was saying that he wasn't.

Steven: You're lying! There isn't a Star Wars club!
Alek: No I'm not!
Steven: Well, I don't believe you cause you're lying!
Alek (says with exasperation in his voice): Well, I'm not lying. Did Columbus lie about finding America? Is the great Wall of China a lie? Is the war in Afganistan a lie? Those aren't lies and I'm not lying about the Star Wars club either!

Who is this child of mine and how is he related to me??? I'm lucky that those things register on my radar even now let alone when I was 9 years old. Of course, the whole conversation was ridiculous and, of course, he was lying.