Wednesday, February 3, 2010

DIY Sweater Boots

O.M.G! Look at what I just found! Urban Threads has the most amazing and in-depth tutorial for making your own sweater boots out of recycled materials. I have been wanting a pair of these, but haven't been able to part with the cash to actually buy some. This sounds better, and we all know how much I lurrve a DIY project. Grab the tutorial for yourself here. I'm thinking vintage buttons instead of embroidery though...

p.s.   Heather be prepared for this project when you come to visit this weekend :)


Anonymous said...

Haha - I was thinking, hmmm, maybe this weekend - and then I scrolled down. lol. Sounds great!

Barb said...

Now we have an excuse to got thrifting. Like we need an excuse LOL!