Monday, February 1, 2010

Vehicular Woes

The past few weeks have not been great for our poor vehicles. Let's see...
  • first the car was involved in a middle of the night hit and run where the front end was smashed in. We figure it must have happened while the kids were up, because who could hear anything outside over their racket;
  • then about a week later, the van was broken into and someone made off with my purse that I had stupidly forgotten stashed between the seats. Thank god for the wonderful lady down the street who not only found my purse in the morning, but also scoured the street and picked up all my id and miscellaneous purse contents. She saved me the biggest hassel trying to get all of that replaced! Honestly, I had no idea that such wonderful people still existed out there.
  • and then today, the Mr and Alek were involved in an accident where no one was hurt, thank god, but our car did not survive. Now begins the arduous and stressful task of dealing with the insurance and all the other junk. I'm really not sure how we are going to manage with only 1 vehicle.
Ok, do those count as things-that-happen-in-3's? Please say yes. We could really use a good break right about now.

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