Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Funny Boy

The weather here has been really nice. I mean, REALLY NICE. The temps have been way above normal; we're talking shorts and tanks people! It seems like everyone has been wearing sandles for weeks now, but I am slow to catch on. Yesterday I realized that my kids were still wearing their rubber boots. There have been no puddles for least a week. Their poor little feet must have been sweltering in those boots. Yes, I'm Mommy of the year material for sure.

So, off to the shoe store we go to get their little piggies outfitted in some swanky new Dawgs. Hey, they may be ugly, but they can put them on themselves and every little bit of help helps me. Lukas picked out his own pair, while Mikah layed on the bench feigning indifference to the whole process. In fact, every time I turned around the little bugger had put his rubber boots back on. I figured that he would embrace his new shoes tomorrow.

Tomorrow came (this morning) and he in fact did embrace his shoes. Or would have, if he was wearing socks in them. There was a fit of epic proportions when he realized that his very mean Mommy, whom he hates by the way, was in fact going to make him wear the shoes sans socks. I wouldn't normally be so heartless, but I was too lazy to do the laundry last night or hunt around for matching or even semi-matching socks this morning. I was sure I would be on easy street with one less thing to get ready in the morning thanks to the new sandles. Mikah was not having it.

It turned out that his aversion to the sockless sandles was not the feel of the shoes, it was not the cooler air upon his feet, it was not the shoes themselves, it was not the color of the shoes, it was not the fact that he hadn't picked them out himself. It turned out that he needed to wear socks so that no one saw his "bare-naked-toes."  All the screaming, thrashing, yelling, and yes swearing was over bare-naked-toes. I told him that no one would care and that all the other kids would have bare toes as well. But no, he was convinced that the babysitters would look at his "bare naked toes."

His mean mommy, whom he hates, threw him in the van sockless. He would have to chance it.

He wore his shoes all day.

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Barb! Thank you so much for your nice comment on my blog. And I'm so glad you did - because now I've found your blog. xoxo!!