Saturday, April 10, 2010

How Old Are We

Mikah: Mom, you're going downstairs?
Me: Yes
Mikah: We can't come. I'm not old enough yet, me only 3.
Me: Yay! Yes, that's right, you're 3!
Mikah: Yeah, and Lukas is 2.
Me: That's right!
Mikah: And you are 6. Right Mom?
Me: Awww, of course I'm 6. How old is Alek?
Mikah: What is dad's name?
Me: What is dad's name?
Mikah: Yeah, that guy is old. He's older than 6.
Me: What about Alek?
Mikah: Oh, Alek is 3. He's the same as me. We're old as each other. Can I come downstairs with you?

This conversation marks the first time that Mikah has told me how old he is. He has refused to admit that he is now 3. What a milestone! And for those of you not in the know, Lukas is 2, Mikah is 3, Alek is 9, and we are older than 6. And yes, the Mr is older than me.

~As I type this Mikah and Lukas are in the living room playing Time Out. Funny how nicely they can sit in time out when it's only a game.~

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