Saturday, April 24, 2010

Oh, To Be a Man

(and no, this isn't a disparaging post)

I saw this party write-up on Hostess with the Mostess today. I lurve this idea; it makes me wish that I was a man so that I could have a Grumpy Old Man Party.

A Grumpy Old Woman Party just wouldn't be the same. Let's compare possible itineraries...

Grumpy Old Men (this was the original party-goers itinerary)
  • get up really early
  • put on awesome old men clothes
  • go to a donut shop and read the newspaper
  • go longboarding
  • work on the car
  • breakfast at the local diner
  • 18 holes of golf
  • lunch at the clubhouse; plus whiskey and pipe smoking
  • shenanigans in the parking lot (likely thanks to the whiskey)
  • jacuzzi time
  • swim racing (even grumpy old men need to compete)
  • BBQ for an early supper
  • drinks at the local dive bar
OK, what could a Grumpy Old Woman Party include
  • wake up early
  • get dressed in old woman clothes
  • grab huge purse and head to the beauty salon for a "set"
  • gossip while getting hair did
  • go out to a pancake house for breakfast and coffee
  • gossip while having breakfast
  • head to a watercolor class (which could actually be fun. Anyone heard of watercolor nudes???)
  • light lunch and complaining contest (mostly cocktails LOL)
  • bargain shopping (everyone would have to pull a metal cart behind them and would only have a certain amount of money to spend; who could do it the best)
  • relaxation time (pedicures at the spa; let's get those corns looked after)
  • supper at a swanky restaurant where we laugh uproariously and have no verbal filter
  • drinks at a blue collar pub; where we can harass all the men for a change
Well, I've changed my mind. An Old Woman's party just might be simply delightful!

What ideas do you have for activities??? I just might have to throw one of these parties, so throw the ideas my way!

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Glenys said...

We can do this for my old lady birthday!