Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I'd Tell You But...

So last night at supper we were sitting around discussing Zombies (obviously, right) and how some good friends of ours were laughing because they realized that they had a Zombie contingency plan, but not a fire escape plan. At first Alek thought that the two plans would be similar, until the Mr pointed out that one plan involved nailing the door of the house shut - with you inside, so maybe a different plan would be better in case of a fire. Ah, yes.

Alek was VERY into this conversation (of course) and was wondering what kinds of other things were in their plan. We we told him that we didn't know for sure but it probably involved stockpiling various supplies in a hidden room. So, we were busy discussing the kinds of supplies that would be needed, but Alek was still stuck on the "secret room" idea. "Do they really have a secret room," "where is the secret room," what's in the secret room," etc.  Then being the awesome mom that I am said, "well, I would tell you truth, but then I would have to kill you."

Oh Lord, the look on that poor child's face! I swear that he almost started to cry. How was I to know that he had never come across the saying "well, I'd tell you, but then I'd have to kill you," before? Seriously, the kid seems to know everything else that there is to know.

Looking back though, it probably didn't help that the Mr and I started laughing like crazy people at the horrified look on his face. I guess that's our motto - laugh first and then comfort and reassure.

Yep, we're super parent material for sure.

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Patty Serwotki said...

Oh my God! I wish I would have been there! That's priceless!!!!