Friday, April 8, 2011

Mini Rant

Ok, here is a mini rant, but it bothers me everyday on my drive to and from work...

Why do city bus drivers think that the posted 30km/hr signs in school zones does not apply to them? This pisses me off every. single. day.

It's bad enough that my drive takes me over the sight where a child was killed this year by a bus, but being passed by city buses while I'm doing the requisite 30km (or slower) in the school zone is really just too much!

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Jolee said...

Get the bus number and complain! If nobody makes a complaint, nothing happens to the jerk bus drivers. Elvis had one almost side swipe the vehicle once over there. He complained but I don't know what came of it....but doesn't hurt. It's dumb that they have a school right there....I wouldn't want my kids going's like basically asking for your kids to be run over!