Thursday, July 31, 2008

Before I Know it

Before I know it Lukas will be 1.

I've been through this child rearing thing a couple of times already but I'm still amazed at just how fast the times goes. Wasn't it just yesterday that he was a mewling newborn that everyone peeked at because he was so small? I guess not because tonight he did this for the first time...

I'm so proud and so distraught at the same time.


Lev said...

Astronaut training :D

He looks so big when he's vertical. It's tough to think that in just a few months he'll grow out of that thing and be trying to stand and walk.

Anonymous said...

"I knew I could stand on my own 2 feet!"

remember when it comes to jolly jumpers, Grandma know's best! I knew he'd love it.

Anonymous said...

I like his face, he's like "haha... suckers - I'm up, I'm jumpin, and I'm outta here!"