Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Pastry Chef

Alek and I were baking. I've trained him early and he's been my trusty, handy assistant since he was old enough to stand on a chair and lick off the beaters. This time he helped me with raspberry pies. We like to do things with a creative flair around here so he used cookie cutters to help decorate the top of the pie. We couldn't agree on just what the shape was though...

I thought it was a seahorse

but Alek was convinced it was a squirrel

In the end it didn't matter, the pie tasted so good that I don't think anyone paid any attention to what was on the top of it.


Lev said...

I thought it was a dragon of some kind. Could be a fire-breathing sea-squirrel too.

The pie was really really good.

Anonymous said...

haha, only Alek would see a squirrel! It does look like one though!