Thursday, April 16, 2009

Garage Sale Season

It's finally here! Or, it should be if the snow will ever stop ~sigh~.

I love looking for treasures and great deals. Plus, I do like to reuse materials as much as possible to cut down on needless waste. One man's junk; and all that.

This year (near future) we are going to have a garage sale of our own. The boys have grown out of so much stuff and now that Lukas is 1, baby paraophanalea doesn't need to still be over-taking our house. I counted last night and I have 3 garbage bags and 8 diaper boxes of clothes that need to go. Plus more I'm sure that are still put away in the upper storage. Add to that swings, sttollers, toys, jumpers, basinette, and other furniture. Oh, and computers! LOL, I just had to throw that in there in case Lev is reading this. I'm pretty sure we might have bikes and patio furniture as well. The magnitude feels scary even typing it out. When am I going to get a chance to assemble all of the stuff and have the sale???

Besides, all this stuff needs to go so that O can look for new treasures LOL! On my wish list this year... a dresser to customize for an entertainment unit, a vintage rocking chair that I can recover for the living room, back yard toys (maybe), backyard furniture, storage and shelving, and doors for my office space. Plus, there are always the impulse buys. Like

Here's hoping that my saling buddies are getting as excited as I am! And... if you really feel the need to help at a garage sale, don't be afraid to let me know.

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