Monday, August 17, 2009


Tonight Alek managed to unearth a game from the depths of his room. And I do mean depths. He tried to assure me that he has a system for finding things, but I honestly can't imagine what it would be. Whatever rolls off the heap is what he was looking for? He lets items find him and not the other way around?

Anyway, he came upstairs with a Bakugan card game that I had bought him quite awhile ago that he wanted to play. It was interesting since I know less than absolutely nothing about Bakugan and he couldn't seen to differentiate between the cartoon and the card game. I think we were playing separate versions of the same game most of the time LOL! It was fun, it was nice spending some one on one time with him and the teacher in me is happy, he knows the difference between greater and less than numbers!

I may just have to hide the game in the depths of my purse to play with some of my students before it is returned to the pile in his room.

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