Friday, August 14, 2009

Mmm, Haggis...???

Alek has been after me for months to make him Haggis. Why??? I have no idea but I'm thinking that I have his teacher to thank for this particular idea. It seems that the grade 2's had an in depth study of Scotland going on near the end of the year.

I have tried everything to dissuade Alek from the notion that Haggis is really something that he wanted to eat. I told him that I would NEVER cook it (yuck), and I even showed him a YouTube video of someone cooking Haggis. It was disgusting, but his eyes never strayed from the screen. I could hardly watch, but it only renewed his passion for Haggis. I finally broke down and told him that if we ever went somewhere to eat where Haggis was on the menu I would happily order it for him. Then he was happy.

Last night was Alek's lucky night. Folk Fest is happening in the city right now and I heard that the Scottish Pavilion serves Haggis. Yay!!! So, the Mr. and I planned a little surprise for Alek and we loaded the brood into the van and headed to Prairieland Park. I had told Alek earlier in the day that we had a surprise for him that night, and he had been busy guessing for hours what it was that we were going to be doing. Man, that kid has an imagination! But, most of you know that already LOL! When we showed up at the exhibition grounds and he saw all of the cars he REALLY got excited. "Is it the RV show???" he screamed with more enthusiasm than a future Arizona-bound-snowbird. I think he actually leaped out of the van before we had even parked, he was that excited about touring trailers and RV's. "No," I finally managed to tell him when he would let me get a word in, "it's not the RV show. We're going to experience some culture." "Ok," said Alek, who still managed to look excited. "Wait a minute, isn't yogurt made out of culture? I can't believe you brought me to a place where all they have is yogurt!" His happiness had quickly been replaced with horror and anger. Which only deepened when he heard how hard Lev and I were laughing. Only our 8 year old son could make the leap from culture to yogurt! God, it was so funny, and maybe a little scary for me. There are times when I just can't believe how much this kid knows.

After that, Lev broke down and told him what I meant by "culture", and what we were about to do. A big part of me really believed that when confronted with the imminent arrival of Haggis, Alek would change his mind. But he didn't. He loved it. He licked his plate. I had two bites and still can't seem to get the taste out of my mouth. Alek wanted to buy an imported tinned Haggis to take home. We drew the line there.

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