Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Overheard From the Back of the Van

***Warning, this is gross, unless you are a boy
ranging in age from 3-8o.***
While driving home from school/work the other day Alek and I had this enlightening conversation...

Alek: Mom, haveyoueverheardofameloncalledasewermelon?
Me: What? A melon?
Alek: Yah, a sewer melon.
Me: Did you just ask if there are sewer melons???
Alek: (with a bit of exasperation in his voice) Yes. Are there such things as sewer melons? You know, that grow in the sewer.
Me: No! Yuck! Where did you come up with such a thing? (why I asked this I will never know)
Alek: Well, lots of people eat the seeds when they eat watermelons. The the seeds don't get digested and people poop them out. Then the seeds end up in the sewer. So... the seeds could grow there couldn't they? And then there would be sewer melons. Juicy sewer melons.

Reader, I was more then gagging at this point in the conversation. And the more Alek heard the desperation in my voice for this particular conversation to be over, the more he embellished and elaborated just how juicy the melon would be if grown in the sewer.
When asked if he would like to eat one if they existed, he said that he didn't know. Then he said that maybe all the melons in the grocery store are sewer melons and we just don't know the difference.
One more thing that my children have ruined for me.