Thursday, December 17, 2009

Funny Jesus Story

First a little background info...

A few of the other teachers and I were standing around this morning discussing Christmas; which led to a discussion about beliefs, which led to a discussion about how Alek wondered how Jesus could really be a son of a god, which led to a brief discussion about his most likely illegitamate birth (IMO), which lead to us talking about Mary, which led to this...

One of the teachers had a little grade 2 student who came up to her one day and asked this question...

Student:   "Mrs. K, you know how there's the Mary that is Jesus' mother?"
Mrs. K:   says quite hesitatingly (while wondering just where this was going to go), "Yes..."
Student:   " Is she the same Mary that had the little lamb?"

We roared. hopefully the hilarity translated on here to.
Oh, the things that kids come up with.

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