Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The True Extent of My Patheticness

Hmm, while on my daily forays into the bloggershere, I have noticed a recurring theme lately; wishlists. Some of the lists are full of crazy dream items, some are realistic dream items, and some are a mix of both.  Well, why the hell not? I feel like I am so busy always putting the kids and everyone else ahead of me, maybe this once I could take the time and indulge in a little web window shopping just for me. Let's see...

I have an extreme love for African dance. I think these should help fill the void in my life due to the lack of classes here in Saskatoon...

Kukuwa Dance Workout DVD $19.99

~Edited to add... Ok, I started this list over a week ago and saved it to return to as I thought of other things to add. I finally decided to post it because this is really all that I came up with. Pathetic.

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Anonymous said...

Barbara, thank you for trying my workout! I know you will enjoy it and learn how to move your boombsey the African way with me! Please feel free to join my email list for the new DVDs coming up on and also join my FaceBook and Twitter so you an be kept up to date with your new found African dance.
Kukuwa Nuamah