Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Welcoming Willow

My sister and sister-in-law started a new family custrom when I had Lukas. Or, was it Mikah??? Anywho, they showed up at my door dressed as Geisha and treated me to yummy eats and a relaxing good time. So, we thought that since Becky just gave birth to our beaautiful neice, Willow, it would only be fair that we treat her to the same experience. But Geisha wouldn't do again. So, I'd like you to meet...
Inga and Oona, the Swedish baby nurses. They were bossy yet super efficient. They spoiled the mommy, hugged the baby and brought supper and goodies.

Hmm, I think poor Oona needs to work on her sexy Swedish
babynurse look. Looks more like she's about to pick her nose.

p.s. here's the new mommy breastfeeding in one of my wraps (which Inga made for her). They are a lifesaver I tell ya, a lifesaver.

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Anonymous said...

Hahahahaha... good times! - Heather