Friday, September 19, 2008

Happy Half-a-Year Birthday Lukas!

Little Lukas is 6 months old today. How did that happen?!? He still seems like such a little baby to me. Maybe I just want to keep him that way because god-willing he'll be the last one that we have LOL! But I know that despite my ignoring the obvious my little baby is growing up. I found him wedged between the couches today which were all the way across the room from where I had layed him down about 2 minutes earlier. He was mighty proud of himself. I would have taken a picture but in true form for around this house I can't find the camera. Lev's convinced that I "lost" it on purpose. I know it's here but, hey, if new one was found in it's place I wouldn't be too heartbroken. If you ever watch Jon & Kate Plus Eight, we have the same camera. Kate and I are kindred spirits in our rants about the camera. I will not rant. Today.

Anyway, we are off for Lev's step-dad's 65th birthday celebration weekend where I have finagled a talented photographer that I know to come and take family pictures. We haven't had a family picture since Alek was 4. We've added two more people since then. And Whiskers. Alek reminded me that he counts too since he thinks he's also my baby. Oy. Stupid cat. I will not rant. Today.

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