Thursday, September 25, 2008

Todays Highlights...

  • Slept in. Had lunches and bottles to make and 3 kids to get dressed. Two, who needed their diapers changed again before we left the house.
  • It's picture day at school. I found something appropriate for Alek to wear, which he decided to make fancier by adding various parts of his pirate costume to. Yelling ensued. I guess on the bright side he didn't decide to wear his actual pirate costume (ruffled shirt and all) like he thought he should do the year before.
  • First student was a no-show. So glad I rushed.
  • Told I was bald by a student. Awesome.
  • Found a homeless person's house on our daily lunch "nature walk". It looked like it must have been laundry day. Can't wait to hear what the parents have to say about that one. Also awesome.
  • Alek is going to get his eyes checked. He informed us that everything is blurry out of his right eye. With any luck he'll need glasses. Let's hope that something goes right today and his vision is fine.

And the day is only half over.

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