Thursday, February 12, 2009

It's my Friday!

Thank god! This week has just dragged by for some reason. Probably because I am really looking forward to having the next week off. My in-laws are taking all three boys for 3-4 days next week and I can't wait. Is that a horrible thing to say? But it's true; I really can't wait. I feel bad for them (even though they love taking the boys, but mostly I feel happy for myself).Here's my to-do list while they are gone...
  • go out for lunch with Heather
  • go to one or more movies with my husband
  • sleep in
  • go out for a nice supper
  • lay on the couch in silence
  • research casein free cooking
  • go to the library
  • read library books while laying in the tub
  • sleep in
  • catch up on my TV shows

This is one list that I can't wait to finish LOL! Although I do hope to get some sewing time in as well. I have about 30 pairs of slippers that are half finished and I better get them done so that Carmen and I can start cutting the new material. Oh, and it will be nice to have them done and up on the website too...

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