Monday, February 23, 2009

Overheard from the Back of the Van

Saturday afternoon we decided that renting a few movies would be just what we needed. We had been out running a few errands and stopped there as our last stop before heading home. Mikah was fidgety so we decided that we would all brave the store together. When I opened the van door he didn't have any boots or socks on. Of course, just then the people in the car next to us show up but had to wait until we were out of the way before they could drive off. At least we provided them with a laugh while they waited.

Me(exasperated): Mikah, why did you take off your boots and socks?
Mikah: No.
Me: Um, then why are they laying on the floor???
Mikah: No.
Me: You didn't take them off?
Mikah: Baby.
Me: Lukas reached over and took off your boots and socks? Right.
Mikah: Baby! (points at his little brother who can barely peer over the side of his new
carseat, let a lone reach all the way across the van and take off Mikah's boots.)

Meanwhile the couple next to us were peering in the van to see what all the commotion was about and burst out laughing when Mikah was blaming the baby. They laughed harder when I told them that he always blames either the baby or his dad.

Funny, trouble making little boy.

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