Thursday, May 21, 2009

Newest News

What's been going on over at our household you wonder? Well, let me break it down for you...
  • We finally smartened up and put the garbage can up high out of Lukas' reach. He's very disappointed that he has no self-feeder anymore. Hopefully he'll get over it.
  • Alek and Lukas have both been battling bitter colds this week. Our house has been taken over by red-sneezing-hanging-snot-noses. It's lovely.
  • Mikah has started talking in 3 and 4 word sentences. Yay Mikah! Not too long ago we were seriously wondering of the poor kid would ever talk. Some of his words are still a mystery but you can usually get the gist of what he's telling you.
  • Alek passed his latest stripe test in Tae Kwon Do, and he has his belt test this weekend. Hopefully his uniform will be much brighter next week at practice.
  • Lukas is becoming quite the walker. He no longer has his hands up over his head or out to his sides as he careens in a drunkenly manner from one place to the next. He cruises.
  • He also climbs. Onto the couch that is. We're waiting for the first fell-over -the-arm-and- landed-on-my-head scream.
  • We're still looking for a new babysitter for the boys.
  • I'm hoping that we don't get anymore snow. It's almost June for gods sake!
  • I still haven't gotten the basement cleared to begin renovations for my sewing/crafting/hiding space.
  • Mikah pretty much refuses to eat anything at all during meal time now. Unless it's ketchup, and only if he can lick it off his fingers or slurp it up a straw. Warm ketchup makes me gag. Thank goodness for everyone that I'm not pregnant.
  • I lost my camera cord again so I can't upload any of the new pictures that I've taken. Hopefully I'll be able to track it down this weekend.
  • Mikah really likes to say "ha ha," just like the annoying bully from the Simpsons. Just another reason why I hate that show, and Alek watching it. Thanks Alek.
  • The screen printing project worked out beautifully. It's one more thing that I could spend much of my non-existent free time doing.
  • One more month and schools over for the year. Wow, it went by quickly! I can't believe that I'll have a kid in Grade 3. I remember how big my grade 3 class seemed; I couldn't imagine them cuddling with their mom.
  • Now I'm rambling.

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