Monday, December 15, 2008

It's Looking Up

I'm slowly coming around. I managed to sew one present last night, get it all packaged up with the other stuff that I was sending AND get it on the bus. Yay me! I also finished all of the calenders AND picked up the finished product tonight. Tomorrow I'll ship the ones that need to be shipped. 

I was super productive tonight. I mixed up 5 different kind of cookies and set my cherries marinating in booze in an hour! An hour. Wow, I can get something accomplished when i put my mind to it. Of course it helps that my brother had the two littlest ones in bed when I got home from the grocery store. Maybe he can stay. Maybe.

I always have such a hard time figuring out what to get Alek's teachers for Christmas. I can't break the bank but I don't want to be too chinsy either. I really like his team this year too so that makes it harder. It's easy to pick out something quick for someone that you are relatively ambivalent about. So they are getting baking. I'm going to make them up nice platters with Gingerbread; Ginger Snaps; Lemon Rosemary Slices; Sugar Cookies; Snowballs; and Cherry-whiskey Chocolates. Hopefully that will suffice. 

Alek has his Christmas concert tomorrow night. Hopefully I'll get some great shots with m new camera! Maybe even a video depending. He plays a "cool dude." I can't wait to check that out. His idea of a cool dude changes daily. Greaser to hip hop star. Yep, he definitely takes after me! 

Now I had better get back upstairs and put away the cookies that I baked before they disappear into "you know who''s" lunch tomorrow morning.

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