Monday, December 29, 2008

Woo Hoo!!!

The grandparents came, loaded up my 2 oldest and drove of with them for the week. Lukas, Lev and I have to fend for ourselves this week. Whatever shall we do??? How will we fill the time??? Hopefully Lukas won't take it upon himself to try and fill the gap that Mikah has left.

Hmm, it's not looking too promising though. I just went to rescue him from the Christmas tree and by the time I turned around he was already speeding across the living room for my laptop. Ah, Mikah's little grasshopper has learned well. Mikah should be so proud.

I actually have a huge list of things that need to get accomplished this week while the kids are away. I love lists and can't seem to get by without them in life. So, here's my list in no particular order...

- hang up the new TV
- figure out what kind of TV programming we are going to go with
- find a dresser to refurbish for an entertainment unit
- refurbish said dresser
- fold the mountain of clean laundry
- actually put away the folded laundry
- keep sorting out and storing clothes that are too small
- clean out toy room
- assemble all toys in the house and purge
- clean laundry room
- figure out a new storage solution for the laundry room
- separate the kids toys
- clean Alek's room
- organize toys
- set up computer in Alek's room???
- assemble all the household furniture/items that we want to sell/give away
- post said items on kijiji or take to Salvation Army
- move the old couch and loveseat to their new home
- haul out the old stove
- take down the tree
- buy new curtains for our new room
- clear out our room
- do the big bedroom switch; move us upstairs; move Mikah into Lukas's room
- see about buying a new leisure pass
- take our old TV to work??? give it away???

As Alek would say, "Good Lord!" The list seems very long. Too long. But strangely I'm much more motivated now that I've gotten it all typed up. I'm sure there are things missing which I'll fill in as I go along LOL!

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Your sis said...

Ahh my funny funny sis! Have just been reading through and killing myself over your posts. Chris must think I'm screwed,rolling around on the couch laughing while he folds his laundry upstairs.

I appreciate you taking pics of the holiday fun for me! I do feel like i missed out and don't want to miss it again!

I was delighted to read about your holiday baking and the upside down cakes. I developed a desire - and am hoping an affinity - for cooking over the last 2 weeks. Somethings happened this last year - i grew up. i'm afraid to say it but it does seem true. I want to stay in and play board games, soothe my old aching back with a heating pad and bake, roast and crock pot away. I forgot about Mom's "microwave cooking phase" but do remember her upside down cakes, poppyseed angel food (mmm my favourite!) and frozen berry log thing-a-ma-gigs that we would give the teachers at Christmas. I suddenly have a desire to make these things. For the first time in my life I would be thrilled to recieve some sort of kitchen apparatus as a gift! Woo Hoo - a pie plate!

Anyways, also wanted to say that I very much look forward to your first novel. Damn you're a funny funny girl. Keep it comin'!