Tuesday, December 30, 2008

It's Up!

WAY UP I mean. Lev finally got the TV up on the wall tonight. It took the poor guy forever, but we expected that. The easier the job sounds the harder it usually is. I don't think it helped that the mounting brackets were made in some country where a stud is a bamboo pole. 

I escaped as soon as it all got plugged in. I figured Lev could use some "alone time" with the TV. And this way he can show me all the features when I venture back upstairs. Lukas wasn't too impressed with how long it took since he was stuck in the pen. The playpen that is. Something tells me that Carmen won't be his favorite person tomorrow since she gave me the idea. Although, he did have some fun mashing his face up against the mesh as hard as he could. I found it hilarious too. Lev did not.

Unfortunately, I think the TV got placed too far up on the wall. But hey, at least he managed to align the studs and the bizarrely placed pre-drilled holes. 

I wonder if it's safe to go and check it out yet???

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